Fishing is a major sector of Ghana’s economy which currently accounts for 4.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and estimated at $1 billion per annum. The sector provides employment, for an estimated 2.5 million people. However, the sector faces a number of challenges which threaten the livelihoods of its dependents. Dwindling fish stocks, inefficient fish processing systems, limited access to credit to finance fishing remain the major obstacles in the way of fishers.  The goal of the Power to the Fishers project is to enhance the socio-economic livelihoods of fishing communities within selected districts of Ghana’s coastal savannah zones. The project areas are Effutu Municipal, Awutu Senya East, Ekumfi, Gomoa West and Shama districts.  The duration for the project is 45months starting from June 2019 – March 2023.


The project focuses on five main intervention areas. They are stakeholder engagements for advocacy, promotion of efficient fish smoking technologies and fuels, capacity building and communities’ education on climate change, and enhancing access knowledge and access to social protection services. There will be series of monitoring and evaluation activities for learning, communication, and visibility.


The expected outputs include the empowerment of forty communities on sustainable fishing and fish processing practices. Additionally, twenty modern fish smoking centers will be constructed for selected beneficiary communities to enhance fish smoking activities. Forty (40) communities will also be sensitized on relevant social protection services. The expected outcomes are increased knowledge and adoption of best practices within the fishery sector, increased incomes of fishmongers as well as enhanced awareness and adoption of social protection services.