Dago Bounces Back to Life After the Lifting of the 2021 Closed Fishing Season

With the lifting of the 2021 closed season, Dago, a fishing community along the coast of the Central Region of Ghana, is bubbly once again with commercial activity. Having been made seemingly idle with the month-long closed season, Dago is back to life. The canoes, with their colorful designs and interestingly worded inscriptions, line the shore. […]

PTF Project Partners with FC on Closed Season Awareness Creation.

The EU-funded Power to the Fishers project partnered with the Central Regional office of the Fisheries Commission (FC) to embark on a week-long sensitization and awareness creation activities among fisherfolk in the Central Region on the upcoming 2021 closed fishing season. This was carried out from 14th to 18th June 2021. The objective of the sensitization campaign […]

A day with the Ɔkyɛso VSLA

    Meet the Ɔky3so Village Savings and Loans Association, located in the Dago community. As part of monitoring activities for the PTF Project established VSLA groups, the project team joined in their share purchase meeting. The group meets every Friday at 9:00 am GMT at one of the group member’s residence, the group is […]

Training On Fish Handling & Technology Adoption

Across the beneficiary districts, over 300 female fishmongers have been trained on best fish handling practices, technology adoption, and occupational safety and health (OSH) by the Power to the Fishers project. The training has equipped fishmongers with the know-how in maintaining good hygiene when handling fish and making the most out of the energy-efficient ‘Ahotor’ […]

Capacity Building on VSLA for the Power to the Fishers Project Team

CERATH Development Organization had a two-day in-house training to build the Power to the Fishers Project (PTF) project team’s capacity on Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). This was to equip the project team with the needed capacity and techniques for the formation and management of VSLAs. This contributes to the provision of social protection […]

Empowering Women Financially Through Village Savings and Loans Association

                        Accelerating women’s empowerment is intricately linked to the strengthening of the socio-economic livelihood of fishing communities in the coastal savannah zones of Ghana. The PTF project offers trainings to fisherfolk, especially women fish processors, in all the coastal fishing communities of operation within […]

THE EU-Funded Power to the Fishers Project Donates PPES and Relief Items to the Awutu Senya District

Project beneficiaries (fisherfolks) in the Awutu Senya District were sensitized on the COVID19 pandemic, and measures to prevent its transmission. The project manager, Derek Adabie, led the discussion on the spread and symptoms of COVID-19, as well as its preventive measures (which include practical ways of ensuring social distancing). He further carried out demonstrations on the appropriate […]

Forming Learning Group for Fishmongers

Fish processors in Ghana’s coastal communities do not adhere to hygienic fish handling practices and make use of outmoded smoking ovens which is inefficient, expensive, and also consume a high amount of firewood to smoke fish. This causes them to run into huge losses while putting their health at risk. To facilitate technology transfer on […]

Study Tour Organised For the Power to the Fishers Project Beneficiaries.

The Power to the Fishers project, funded by the European Union, organized a study tour to the Central and Western Fishmongers Improvement Association (CEWEFIA) compliance facility. This was organized for 75 lead fishmongers, all being women, in the project’s beneficiary communities. The learning tour was to enhance the knowledge of the women on improved smoking […]